An Expert Warns About The Indian Variant

An expert warns about the Indian variant: “It can be 60% more contagious than the British one”. This has been pointed out by Neil Ferguson, renowned expert from Imperial College London. The British variant was already up to 95% more contagious than the arrival from Wuhan. Study indicates that Pfizer’s vaccine generates fewer antibodies against the Indian variant of covid-19

“The best estimate at this time is that this (Indian) variant may be 60% more contagious than Alpha (English) . ” Those have been the words of Neil Ferguson, an expert at The Imperial College London, on the worrying Indian variant of the coronavirus , which the WHO now calls Delta to avoid stigmatizing the country of origin of the variant.

These data are even more worrying when one takes into account that the British variant (Alpha), found in Kent, southeast England, was already between 45% and 95% more contagious than the first variant that landed in Europe , the one that came from Wuhan. “We are getting more data,” but “unfortunately, the news is not positive when it comes to the Delta variant,” Ferguson said on BBC Radio 4.

Ferguson, whose analyzes helped in the decisions taken by the Government for the confinement in March 2020, added that they also expect more data that will help them to know how effective the vaccines that are already being distributed in Europe have on the Delta variant, which already the predominant United Kingdom. Although there are already studies that reveal that Pfizer and Astrazeneca are highly effective against this variant.

This is precisely what worries the most in the United Kingdom because, despite having more than 70% of adults vaccinated, infections have been skyrocketing since the Indian variant landed in the country. The United Kingdom yesterday registered 5,274 new cases of coronavirus, the highest daily number since March, and 18 deaths. So the main concern of the British health authorities is whether or not the vaccines are effective against this variant.

For this reason, Ferguson wanted to release a reassuring fact and that is that the majority of those hospitalized in the United Kingdom due to the Delta variant were not vaccinated . So it seems that vaccines could be effective on this variant, but rather by avoiding contagion, if by preventing serious symptoms.

But concern over the appearance of this variant has forced the Government to tighten controls on international travel, increase tracing and PCR tests and reduce the list of safe destinations to travel.

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