CosmoCaixa Fiction Film and Music Nights in 2021

Like every summer, what we most want is to celebrate it outdoors and this year, with more reasons than ever. One of the most attractive options in this sense is the programming that CosmoCaixa offers us during these two months with its already popular CosmoNits sessions , which consist of a double program that will begin with a concert where we will discover emerging groups (9:00 p.m.) followed by one of those ideal movies to enjoy “fresh”(22 hours).

Music and cinema will come together to offer us unforgettable evenings that will take place every Thursday in the Plaza de la Ciència and for just 6 euros (half price for CaixaBank customers).

But there are also special sessions on Tuesday afternoons at the Planetari that, from today, will launch two new proposals. Let’s know all your summer offer.

Two audiovisual pieces can be seen in the Planetari room every Tuesday at 7 pm. The first one is Axiom, an interpretation of geometry as a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of the properties of geometric figures : points, lines, planes, curves, surfaces or polygons.

It is an immersive experience that takes the audience on a journey through geometric shapes and transformations. Paradoxa is a temporary journey where the spectators get trapped in a loop of events , a loopthat predestines us to continue traveling in time and that will make us reflect on the uncertainty of the future. It begins to get dark and it is better that we keep quiet to start savoring the night by jumping during the day until Thursday.

This week’s double (day 8) begins with the electronic duo Moon Vision , formed by Xevi Collado and Albert Pardo, who became a quartet with Pau Schultz and Júlia Collado.

His first work is inspired by the female figure through the different stages of life that go through fear, love, psychedelia, positivism and self-improvement.

And, as a complement, a reflection on relationships and technology, Her(2013), by Spike Jonze, with Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and the voice of Scarlett Johansson. It tells the unusual story of a shy man who is in the process of divorce and accepts a new technology by which his operating system dialogues with him.

As time passes, he falls in love with that voice and becomes his partner, but the problems will not take long to appear. It might seem like a freaky’s fantasy , but in reality it is a deep analysis of love and isolation in the 21st century.

On the 15th, Acoustic Guiri will arrive , a quintet inspired by manouche jazz , which combines an instrumental formation very typical of this style with the warm voice of Julie Hamar that transports us to blues and soul. A concert in which they combine their own compositions and jazz standards with careful arrangements with elegance, energy and delicacy. And then, a Disney animated adventure film that may also appeal to older adults, Big Hero 6(2014).

It takes place in the city of San Fransokyo, where a boy fond of robotics befriends an inflatable robot and gathers other boys to organize a group of high-tech superheroes to face a mysterious and powerful character. The film combines influences from North American and Japanese animation and culture, is packed with cinematic winks and contains spectacular chases, emotional moments, and tackles the trendy theme of superheroes.