Darias Advances The Doses in Friday Camp For 2021 Virus

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has assured this Friday that “everything indicates” that her department will administer a “third booster dose” of the covid-19 vaccine, although she has acknowledged that it has not yet been determined “when “will begin to be supplied.

In an interview in Onda Cero, collected by Europa Press, Darias explained that the Executive has signed contracts for an amount of 1,800 million euros with Pfizer and about 480 million with Moderna to receive doses of vaccines in 2022 and 2023. Specifically, Spain You will receive third doses or booster, although the minister has not specified dates for inoculation.

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In this sense, the Health Minister has been blunt after being asked whether Spaniards will have to be vaccinated every year. “Yes, without a doubt,” he explained, and later insisted that the goal now is “to continue vaccinating everyone until 100% of the Spanish population is reached with the full schedule.

Specifically, when asked about the claim of the Community of Madrid, which requested more doses of the Pfizer vaccine from her department while criticizing the “chaotic” vaccination process designed by the Executive, Darias has shown her disbelief. “Not surprising that other communities does not happen this?” He asked.

Along these lines, the Health Minister has made it clear that “all the autonomous communities knew” the doses “they were going to receive.” “We have made projections with them, if this comes to you, what device would you have to have to play: all the different scenarios,” he said.

The vaccination schedule “is not the result of chance”
Thus, and after insisting that the vaccination calendar “is not the result of chance”, but of “planning”, the minister has recognized her strangeness with the fact that the community chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso is the only one that has claimed more vials. According to Darias, it is something that has not happened in other territories “of all signs and colors.”

However, the head of Health wanted to highlight the “excellent work on vaccination” by all the autonomous regions, although she recognized that while some territories “have planned excellently, others have done well.” Even so, for Darias the immunized figures – above 50% – are a “collective and country success.”

A woman walks through the center of Madrid without a mask, this Saturday.
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“My recognition to all the CCAA, I do not leave any behind. Others have attributed the lack of dose and what the minister says is: they all knew what there were,” he added.

Also in an autonomous clamor, Darias has referred to the letter that the lehendakari, Íñigo Urkullu, sent this Tuesday to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, in which he asked him to reform his decree to force the use of the mask before its validation this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies.

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“By the statements of the Lehendakari himself, we pivot on the same idea, the same philosophy. It is the same because the scientific evidence shows what Urkullu has done,” said Darias, who believes that the Basque leader’s request “coincides” with the validated norm as both assumptions contemplate the use of the mask when it is not “possible to maintain the distance” of safety in exteriors

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