People in American countries are learning Japanese, lack of learning Chinese; The urge to learn a foreign language intensifies in the era of Corona

In the Corona epidemic, the number of online foreign language learners from the app increased. This is the reason why subscriptions to language learning apps like Duolingo increased by 300%. In countries like Canada, America, the number of people learning Japanese has increased by 33% in 1 year. At the same time, the pace of Chinese language learners has stopped. English has grown in Arabia.

Increased interest of Japanese and Indians in English
North America:
 2.4% of Americans are learning Japanese. The number has doubled in 4 years. The situation is the same in Canada.
South America: English became popular in 6 out of 12 countries. Italian in Argentina. Learning Korean too.
Europe: People are still liking Russian more. Ukrainians want to learn Russian the most.
Middle East: People of Palestine, Saudi Arabia are learning Arabic, Iraq turns to English.
Asia: Japanese interest in Bhutan and South Korea has increased. Japanese and Indians are learning English fast.
Africa:It is the only continent where the French are on the rise. People from Kenya, Algeria, Morocco, Zimbabwe want to learn French.

Source: Bhaskar

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