Shock to Donald Trump:Claim in the report- Wife Melania will not support if former President contests for second term in 2024

Former US President Donald Trump, who was defeated by Joe Biden in the presidential election held in November last year, is planning to run for election again in 2024. Meanwhile, there is news that Trump’s wife Melania is not happy with his decision. It is being claimed that if Trump takes the field, Melania will not support him.

Melania does not want to return to the White House,
CNN has claimed, quoting a source close to Melania, that the former First Lady wants to forget the time she spent in the White House. She does not want to return to the White House. This is the reason why they do not want Trump to run for a second term. According to Melania – the White House is a part of the past for her. She considers this as the political ambition of her husband and is not ready to support it.

Melania made preparations to leave the White House soon after Trump lost the election. Now she lives with her son at the luxurious Mar-a-Lego resort. He also has a penthouse at Trump Tower in Washington. Melania has been living a low profile life since leaving the White House.

Trump can contest
the election Any authorized candidate in America can contest the presidential election. However, he cannot hold the presidency more than twice. Trump has been president once. The second time he lost to Joe Biden. Now they can contest for the third time to be elected for the second time. There is still no other leader in the Republican Party of Trump’s stature and strength. So, they will not face any problem in becoming the candidate.

Trump’s allegations and court orders
have so far been rigged by Biden’s victory. He alleges that the election held in November last year was widely rigged and votes of the American people were stolen. However, the Supreme Court and other US courts rejected all the lawsuits of the Republican Party and Trump.

Trump did not appear in public for three months after losing the election. Facebook and Twitter have banned him. He tried to increase contact with people through his different platform. In this also they were not very successful.

Divorce news
After Trump’s defeat in the last election, some of his aides claimed that his marriage to Melania was on the verge of collapse. Former aide Stephanie Volkoff said Melania was negotiating a post-dissolution settlement so that her son, Barron, could get an equal share in Trump’s estate. Volkoff also said that Melania and Trump had separate bedrooms in the White House. The relationship was only in name. According to another former assistant Omarosa Manigault, ‚ÄúTrump-Melania’s 16-year marriage is almost over.

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