African youth illuminated the village on the lines of the Bollywood film ‘Swadesh’; 150 houses getting electricity

A film came in the year 2004. The name was Swadesh. In it, actor Shahrukh Khan played the character of NRI Mohan Bhargava. When Mohan returned to his homeland after years, he had illuminated the village with electricity with his innovation. That character of reel life was made a reality by a man in the African country of Malawi. Indeed, 15 years ago in 2006, there was no electricity in the remote Yobe Kosi village in Malawi.

Children were forced to study in candles. Then 23-year-old Colerard Kosi of the village started the change. When he returned to the village after passing 12th from Jimba school, 40 km away, it was dark. He estimated that by pedaling as much as a bicycle in the water stream passing near the house, electricity could be generated. That’s why he made Dynuma from the junk in the house, which worked. The news of his house being illuminated by electricity spread in the village.

Colered told- ‘The villagers started asking me to bring electricity to us too. I had neither studied engineering nor trained as an electrician. For the turbine, I put the compressor of the old fridge in the river flowing in the village. This jugaad also worked and six houses started lighting up. Then a big turbine has been installed outside the village after taking it out of the junk machine. Electricity is now reaching the houses of the village by carrying wires from bamboo poles.

Villagers said – Now the
villagers get free electricity , which is lighting up our lives along with the house . Just Rs 80 to them as maintenance of the plant. Pay per household basis. After lighting up the village, Colreard now wants to install a mini grid. Villagers say that colorard has not only illuminated the village, it has also brought a light of hope in our lives.

Source: Bhaskar

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