In the West African country of Guinea, the army seized power, firing for several hours near the Rashtrapati Bhavan; President Conde under house arrest

In Guinea, a small country in West Africa, the military took power in a coup on Sunday. On Sunday, there was almost a day of firing in the capital Conakry. During this, most of the firing took place near the President’s Palace. According to the news agency, Guinea’s President Alpha Conde has been placed under house arrest.

The army itself gave information
A colonel of the Guinean army himself gave information about the coup. This colonel himself reached the National TV studio and told the people of the country that he has dissolved the government and now the army will take over the country. Heavy firing was heard near the President’s Palace throughout the day on Sunday. It is not yet clear where President Conde was during the firing. However, some of his photos went viral on social media late in the evening. In this he was shown surrounded by soldiers. It is reported that Konde has been placed under house arrest.

According to Border Seal media reports, all the borders of Guinea with other countries have been closed. The army has also closed all the airports of the country. Colonel Mamadi, who appeared on TV, said – 83-year-old President Conde won the election for the third time last year, but his popularity was continuously decreasing and this posed a threat to the country. The population of Guinea is about one crore twenty million. Mamadi said – It is the responsibility of a soldier to keep the country safe.

Guinea became independent from French occupation in 1958. After this, elections were held here for the first time in 2010. Konde has been attacked once before.

Source: Bhaskar

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