Light festival in Germany amidst a record 14 thousand cases in four months, thousands of people gathered

Corona patients have started increasing once again in Germany. The number of patients found here in a day has crossed 14,600. This number is the highest in the last 4 months. Earlier on May 12, 13,833 patients were found. Amidst all this, a large scale Light Festival is being organized in the capital Berlin.

Thousands of people are gathering to see it. In the midst of the epidemic, people are neither wearing masks nor social distancing is visible between them. Light and laser shows are taking place at various places as part of the festival. This is the 17th year of the festival. It will run till 12 September.

On the other hand, the increased number of patients in Germany due to the delta variant has raised concerns. Here weekly cases have increased by 16% and deaths by 35%. Experts have expressed concern about this. He says that if the patients do not decrease, then Germany can become a hotspot of Europe.

So far 39.96 lakh patients have been found in Germany with a population of 8.40 crores. There have been 92,829 deaths. 37.57 lakh patients have been cured. At the same time, media reports say that the situation in Germany may get worse, because the general elections in the country are to be held on 26 September.

WHO has issued an alert of devastation from Corona in Europe WHO has
also issued an alert of ‘Great Catastrophe’ of Corona in Europe. Europe’s WHO Director Hans Kluge had expressed concern about the delta variant of Corona. He had said- ‘Once again deaths have started increasing rapidly in Europe, especially in poor countries. He also said that by December, there could be more than 2 lakh deaths in Europe.

Source: Bhaskar

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