The government told its people – if someone protested against the neighboring country or burnt an effigy, strict action would be taken.

The Sher Bahadur Deuba government of Nepal has made it clear that strict action will be taken if an effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is burnt during any protest or if slogans are raised against the honor of India. In a statement issued on Sunday, it has been clearly said that the Government of Nepal wants close and strong relations with all its neighbors and if there are differences or disputes, they will be resolved through talks at the diplomatic level.

Recently, a young man from Dharchula area of ​​Nepal was entering India by crossing the river with the help of a wire. The wire broke and the young man was swept away in the river. Some anti-India organizations in Nepal allege that someone had cut the wire from India’s side. Because of this the young man fell into the river and died.

After the incident of Dharchula , Nepal government in trouble, there were demonstrations in Nepal by some anti-India organizations and especially the Left organizations. During this, the effigy of Modi was burnt. The organizations allege that this wire was cut by a Border Armed Force jawan of India. Left organizations had also tried to incite people against India. After this the effigy of Modi was burnt.

The Nepal government was in trouble after this incident. She was not able to understand that this matter should be resolved by talking to India or action should be taken against the people opposing it. For the past few days, some people in Nepal were trying to raise the issue.

Second warning in three days
The Home Ministry of Nepal has given a strict warning to those protesting for the second time in three days. It states that if the effigy of the Prime Minister of the neighboring country is burnt, then strict action will be taken against the people concerned. The special thing is that the name of India or the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has not been taken in the statement, but since this young man’s death case was clearly related to India, so it was understood in the context of India and Modi.

The Dharchula incident took place on July 30. The name of the slain youth was Jai Singh Dhami. The Nepal government had said that it would take up the matter with India. On August 31, the Ministry of External Affairs of India made it clear that it was not aware of any such incident. Last week ‘Kantipur Times’ had said in a report that several Indian military helicopters can be seen continuously flying in Nepal’s airspace. The Government of Nepal has also made it clear that action will also be taken against those who make rumors or negative comments about the development projects being run by India in the country.

Source: Bhaskar

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