The number of corona patients in America, the world’s most infected country, crosses 40 million; More than 1500 deaths in a day

America is vulnerable to the Delta variant of Corona. He is going through the worst phase ever. The country is getting the maximum number of patients for the last 8 months. Alam is that every 55 seconds one death and every one minute 111 people are getting infected. That is, 2 cases are being reported in America every single second. Corona cases in America have crossed 40 million. There have been more than 6.62 lakh deaths. Hospitals across the country are full. There is a fear of lack of oxygen.

In August alone, more than 42 lakh new cases of corona have been registered in the US and the death toll has increased more than three times to 26,805 compared to July. The number of deaths in Republican states has increased since last year.

Hawaii, Vermont, Texas, Kansas, the Virgin Islands, Alaska, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Georgia and North Carolina have recorded more deaths in August 2021 than in 2020. This figure has already been exceeded in Arizona, Oklahama, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, California and Alabama.

Health officials in many districts have directly blamed Republican governors behind this. According to officials, the governors of these states refused to take preventive measures against the virus and allowed the delta variant to spread. Republican-ruled Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oregon remain the epicenters of the Delta variant. Florida alone accounts for a fifth of the country’s total Kovid-19 hospitalizations. At the same time, the CDC has appealed that those who have not been vaccinated, should not travel.

Vaccine: 15 million doses wasted in 6 months, could have been used in 20 countries, in
America from March till now more than 15 million doses of vaccine were wasted. With such a dose, the entire population of more than 20 small countries of the world could be vaccinated. This information has come from data released by US pharmacy companies and state governments.

The infection spread in India was the proof that Corona
will spread again in the world in a new avatar. Today 99% of the cases coming to America are of Delta variant. This is to say- Dr. Saira Madad. Dr. Madad is the Senior Director of the New York City Health Hospital chain. Dr. Madad is also a member of America’s Covid Response Task Force. He answered many questions related to the vaccine of Ritesh Shukla of Dainik Bhaskar. the highlight…

Why shouldn’t corona be treated like a flu?
More than half of the world’s population is yet to be vaccinated. Therefore, it cannot be said what form the virus will take in the coming months. The seasonal flu virus is not as dynamic as the corona. It can remain infectious for only a short time. It would be a mistake to compare corona with flu.

People who have been vaccinated are getting infected, should the vaccine be considered ineffective?
In countries where vaccine rates are fast, infections are spreading, but hospitalizations or deaths have decreased drastically. This shortcoming is evidence of the effectiveness of the vaccine. Without a vaccine, it takes a long time for the body to develop immunity. During this time the number of deaths increases unexpectedly.

On what parameters should the vaccine be considered effective?
It was never claimed about the current vaccine that it would prevent infection. Initially, the infection stopped with the vaccine. But that was a bonus, because it was not expected. In countries like Israel, Britain, it is being proved that infection can occur even after getting a vaccine, but the need for hospitalization is less and deaths are getting less. Especially in the case of the delta variant, it is seen that the vaccine is preventing deaths. Vaccines are like a car seat belt. It doesn’t stop accidents, but it does prevent injuries. Corona is a problem like climate change. If there is laxity anywhere in the world, the virus will continue to spread the infection in a new form.

Children are away from the vaccine. Can they get the current vaccine?
Even in America, the virus is spreading rapidly among people who did not get the vaccine. Two lakh children are affected by Corona every week. I myself am a mother of three children. My kids are under 8 years old. The current vaccine cannot apply to them, because they were not tested on children. How much dose should be given? What will be their impact? Research on these is going on, until the vaccine for children officially comes, they cannot afford to give them the existing vaccine.

Source: Bhaskar

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