Three missiles were fired at oil reserves, Saudi destroyed them in mid-air; two children injured

Saudi Arabia was attacked with three missiles on Saturday. These were fired towards the eastern areas of Saudi with oil reserves. Saudi Arabia destroyed all three missiles in the air, but shrapnel shattered in the city of Dammam, injuring two Saudi children and causing minor damage to 14 homes.

Saudi Arabia’s neighboring Yemen’s Houthi rebels have been targeting Saudi for a long time. They have the support of Iran. A group fighting Houthi forces in Saudi Arabia has alleged Saturday’s attack was also carried out by Houthi rebels. However, Houthi rebels have not yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

Saudi Arabia’s military said Houthi rebels carried out the attack with three ballistic missiles and bomb-laden drones. The alert of the attack had already been given to the civilians. The attack targeted the oil-rich eastern areas and the cities of Jazan and Najran in the south.

There have been attacks on Saudi Arabia in the past.
Eastern Saudi has oil reserves and has been targeted several times in the past. The September 2019 attacks on two Aramco plants temporarily halted oil production. Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the attack. A source close to the matter said that the attack took place outside Aramco and there was no damage to the company’s plant.

What is the reason for the attack on Saudi Arabia
Yemen’s capital Sanaa was captured by Houthi rebels in 2015 and it was supported by Iran. Saudi Arabia is backing Yemen’s former government and Saudi-led forces are fighting against the Houthis. Houthi rebels want to capture the city of Marib in Yemen. Because of this, the Houthis have become more aggressive in the last few months. That’s why Saudi is also being attacked. Last Tuesday, a bomb-laden drone went down at Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport. Eight people were injured in the attack and a civilian plane was damaged.

Source: Bhaskar

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