Violence between Indians and blacks continues, kills more than 10 Africans

In South Africa, the former President Jacob Zuma case has once again taken the form of violence. Violent clashes broke out between Indians and African blacks in the city of Phoenix on Saturday, in which more than 10 Africans were killed. In fact, a furious mob of Africans attacked the Indians and set their homes and vehicles on fire. In response, the Indians attacked with weapons like bats, axes and hammers.

Indians stopped a bus and taxi and brutally beat up the blacks sitting in it. The beating was so horrific that more than 10 people who were killed died. Not only this, groups of Indians in tension blocked the streets of Phoenix. They started targeting African people by finding them. Locals claim that Africans may attack Indians in the coming days. Their aim will be only to loot Indians.

Source: Bhaskar

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