Celebration of the historic decision of the Supreme Court in the country, relief to the women jailed on this charge

In a historic decision, the Supreme Court of Mexico has made abortion out of the purview of the crime. Eight out of the 11 judges of the court gave a unanimous verdict in this regard. The judges were of the opinion that such laws are completely unconstitutional. Chief Justice Arturo Jaldivar said, “This is a historic day for all Mexican women.” This is an unforgettable moment in history for the rights of all women. After the verdict, there is an atmosphere of celebration in this Latin American country.

In the past, some women in the country were sentenced to three years in prison just because they had an abortion. Some of those who were punished were victims of rape. The decision will now have to be followed by all courts in Mexico. When women got abortion rights in Argentina last year, thousands of women demonstrated in support of it in Mexico.

Texas got the right to have an abortion in 6 weeks In the US state of Texas, last week pregnant women have been given the right to have an abortion within the first six weeks. The new law came into effect from 1 September. An appeal was made to ban this law in the US Supreme Court, but giving a majority verdict, the court refused to stop it. US President Joe Biden has called the Supreme Court’s decision an “unprecedented attack” on women’s rights.

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