China and Pakistan changed their commanders on the Indian border as soon as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan

China and Pakistan are happy with the establishment of Taliban power in Afghanistan. The closeness of both the countries with the Taliban is not hidden from anyone. Both the countries can take advantage of this and incite Taliban against India.

China and Pakistan have recently changed commanders on their border with India. General Wang Haijiang has been given the responsibility of the Western Theater Command (WTC) of the People’s Liberation Army of China. WTC handles the responsibility of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) adjacent to India in China-occupied Tibet and Xinjiang. In the last one year, 4 WTC commanders have been changed. Pakistan has also changed the commander of Rawalpindi Corps. Lt Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza Rawalpindi has been given the responsibility of monitoring the LOC.

Protests continue in Afghanistan for the third consecutive day against
Taliban restrictions and Pakistani intervention in Kabul for the third consecutive day. Women are leading them. During this, Talibanis stopped the women and asked them to stop the protest and sloganeering, but they did not listen. On the other hand, after an anti-Pakistan rally in Kabul, the Taliban have threatened that public protests will not work.

Pakistan returned 200 Afghans
Thousands of Afghans had fled to Pakistan due to the fear of Taliban in Afghanistan, but now Pakistan has sent back 200 people. These include women and children as well. According to the report of Pakistani newspaper DAWN, Pakistani officials have said that those who have been returned had entered Pakistan illegally.

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