Emergency Minister Jinichev jumped into icy water to save the cameraman, hit his head with a sharp stone and lost his life

Emergency Situations Minister Yevgeny Jinchev, a close aide of Russian President Vladimir Putin, died in an accident on Wednesday. Jinichev was taking part in an exercise in the Arctic Zone. During this, a cameraman slipped in the water. Jinichev jumped into the water to save him. Both died. President Putin has expressed condolences on the death of his colleague.

Statement issued by the Ministry
On the death of 55-year-old Jinichev, his Emergency Ministry also issued a statement. It said- We regret that Jinichev was martyred in the performance of his duty. He had participated in a mission drill at Norlisk in the Arctic Zone. Civil and military units take part in this. During this, he had to lose his life while saving the life of a person.

How the accident happened According
to the report of ‘Moscow Times’ – There are many witnesses to this accident. But, everything happened so fast that no one got time to think or do anything. A cameraman was covering the drill. Suddenly he slipped from the height and fell into the icy water. Immediately Jinichev also jumped into the water to save him. As soon as he fell into the icy water, his head hit a sharp stone and died. The cameraman who had jumped into the water to save Jinichev also died in the incident.

A close friend of Putin, Jinichev was not only a cabinet colleague but also a good friend of President Putin. During the 1980s, he was an officer in the Russian intelligence agency KGB. After that he was a police officer. He was later brought to the Federal Security Service. Putin trusted him a lot. Due to this, he also got an important responsibility in the team related to the security of the President. From 2006 to 2015, he was posted in Putin’s security unit. After the death of Jinichev, the deputy minister of emergency, Alexander Shupriyan, was made the caretaker minister.

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