Employees who do not take corona vaccine may be on leave, two airlines have issued a warning

Amidst the increasing cases of Corona, two airlines companies have issued guidelines for their employees. The company has said that if employees do not get vaccinated, then they may also have to lose their jobs.

In view of the increasing cases of corona infection, the airline company has issued a warning. Issuing the guidelines, it has been told by the company that the employees who have not yet got the corona vaccination, they will be dismissed or sent on unpaid leave. Canadian airlines WestJet and United Airlines have said that employees who have not yet been vaccinated may have to lose their jobs.

Airlines company WestJet asked the employees the status of vaccination

Airlines company WestJet has asked all its employees to inform about the status of corona vaccination by 24 September. Apart from this, it has also been said that by October 30, all the employees should get all the doses of the vaccine.

United Airlines issued order regarding vaccination

On behalf of the airline company owned by Onex Corp, it has been said that full vaccination is necessary for all employees. The company said in a statement, “As an employee of the company, you must be fully vaccinated. For this, no other option will be given to any employee from the company.”

United Airlines, on the other hand, has set September 27 as the deadline for vaccination for its employees. This time the company has also made it clear that no employee will be exempted from vaccination on religious grounds. At the same time, employees with medical reasons have got five weeks extra time.

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