Now just thinking about the car windows will open, close; Will be able to convert the car into a gaming and cinema lounge

How can we think and the windows of the car automatically open, close. What we want to hear is to start a radio channel. Or answer the phone call without pressing any button or else the car will automatically start on that path to the place you want to go. So far I have seen this only in movies. But Mercedes has turned that into a reality. The company has introduced Vision AVTR equipped with a wearable brain computer. In which all these modern features will be available. Cars with such great features and great features have been showcased at the IAAA Mobility Auto Show in Munich, Germany. Read about them in detail…

Mercedes Vision AVTR
Many functions in this car are controlled by thinking only. The user has to focus on the sensors installed in the digital dashboard wearing a wearable brain computer interface. The car’s AI technology analyzes brainwaves to find out what your focus is on. She takes it as a command. It can also go on pre-fed paths.

The Volkswagen ID Life
is an urban crossover concept based compact car. It has a video game console and projector. There is also a projection screen, which extends from the dashboard panel as needed. With this, the car can be converted into a gaming or movie lounge. Roof is detachable. Accelerates to 100 in 7 seconds. Gives a range of 400 km in single charging. Will hit the market by 2025.

Hyundai Profesi
This car was discussed for a long time but it has been introduced to the public for the first time in this show. Instead of steering, joysticks have been given on either side of the driver’s seat. Its aircon system cleans the air taken from the atmosphere and sends it to the car. In the Relax mode, people sitting in the car are able to enjoy the outdoor scenes by reclineing, because during this time the dashboard turns into a display.

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