Taliban arrests 5 local journalists in Afghanistan

Five journalists were arrested on Wednesday in Kabul within 24 hours of the formation of the Taliban government. According to reports, all these journalists belong to the same newspaper. Interestingly, all these journalists have been arrested by the Taliban.
According to the information, the five journalists who have been arrested belong to the daily newspaper Etilatroj, which is based out of Kabul. It is not yet clear why he has been arrested. However, this incident indicates that the Taliban may be tough on such media which does not work according to it.

To say that the Taliban had said that the media would be allowed to function as before, but the arrest of the journalists of Atilataroz would have shown that this is not true. Anyway, the Taliban has so far said that the media has the right to criticize but it cannot kill anyone’s character.

The media was not kept free even under the previous Taliban regime and even during that period the sword of arrests kept hanging on them. There had been murders. Women and others in Afghanistan are currently opposing the Taliban, which worries the Taliban as it is being reported in the world media. The Taliban feel that the image it wants to create is not being created. This is the reason that when the media publishes news of anti-government incidents, it will be in trouble.

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