The storm that hit the US at a speed of 240 km devastated

America and Mexico are in the grip of hurricanes these days. One storm after another has wreaked havoc. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina, which came 16 years ago on August 29, has revived the minds of the people. Hurricane Ida, which struck again this year on August 29, has caused massive destruction in New Orleans, Louisiana province. On Sunday, winds gusting up to 240 kilometers per hour have wreaked havoc. Due to this, power has been cut in most areas of the city and the coastal areas have been completely submerged.

President Joe Biden has also expressed fears that there could be a huge loss of life and property. Orders have been issued to make extensive arrangements from the officials. Heavy rains have caused flooding in the southeastern coastal areas of Louisiana. All the rivers are in spate in the coastal areas and it is raining continuously.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said the relief operation could not be started due to unfavorable conditions. Due to storms and floods, it may take several weeks for the state to recover from the effects of the storm. About one million people in Louisiana are forced to live in darkness due to power outages, and more than 80,000 people in Mississippi are facing similar problems.

Before that, Hurricane Katrina Category 3 on August 29, 2005, killed 1,800 people and caused catastrophic flooding in New Orleans, which took the United States years to recover.

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