Afghan refugees will have to go through a thorough screening process, preparing to explore history

More than 80 thousand Afghan refugees going to America will have to go through a thorough screening process. Before being resettled, they are being investigated at 4 military bases of the Pentagon located in different countries, so that no terrorists can enter the country. There will be a thorough investigation for 30 days.

An official of the US Department of Internal Security says that along with the complete history of the refuges, biometric tests are also being done. The Biden administration will also give one-time assistance of $ 1200, or about Rs 88,000 lakh, to every Afghan refugee resettled in America. $6,000 (about Rs 4.4 lakh) will be given to a family of 5 people. With this money, Afghan families will be able to arrange the house, furniture and other items.

An influential senator, has said that the US military will have to go to Afghanistan again and it is set to happen in the near future. In an interview to the BBC, Republican MP Graham said, “Whether you like Trump or not, the Taliban have not reformed.

Lindsey Graham said that the thinking of the Taliban does not match the modernity of the world. They will impose their old thinking on the people. The most important thing is that the Taliban will give Al Qaeda a safe place. You cannot leave a country to the Taliban.