Corona cases increasing continuously in California, ICU beds are also almost full

Cases of corona virus infection (Covid-19) are increasing wildly in the US state of California and almost all beds in the intensive care rooms of hospitals are full. State officials gave this information on Friday. Cases of the highly contagious form of the corona virus are increasing in California, especially in people who have not received a dose of anti-Covid-19 vaccine.

Hospitals in eight counties in the San Joaquin Valley region filled ICU beds for the third day in a row. State officials have blamed the increasing cases of infection for this. Due to the infection, special rules had to be announced last month in which it would be necessary to admit patients transferred to nearby hospitals.

As the cases continue to rise, beds in the ICU will not be found, according to the news of the newspaper ‘Fresno Bee’, the number of corona virus-infected and suspected patients in hospitals in Fresno County and surrounding counties is twice as many as four weeks ago. If the cases of infection increase, then there will be no beds left in the ICU. Governor Gavin Newsom said on Tuesday that more than 80 percent of California residents aged 12 or older have received at least one dose of an anti-Covid-19 vaccine. With this, California has become one of the states with the highest vaccination rates in the country.

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