Opposition MPs lash out at Boris Johnson, surrounded by Afghanistan mission

In Britain’s House of Commons, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been fiercely criticized by opposition MPs. Everyone appeared very angry with the government regarding the evacuation operation of Afghanistan. Labor MP Chris Bryant said his constituency has 143 Afghans eligible for resettlement in the UK but still stuck in Afghanistan. Bryant also asked Boris to appoint a person to deal with the Afghan evacuation. Along with this, he told about the problems faced so far.

Bryant said, “I sent the names of 143 Afghans associated with my constituency to the Secretary of State, the Defense Minister and the Home Minister. Because these are three different channels. Can I tell the PM about the idea that my colleagues sitting next to me are suggesting? That there should be one person to deal with all these matters. Because since I sent those names, one of them has been shot, one has been raped and one has been tortured.

The MP further said, ‘A lot of effort is being made for these people. I know the minister wants to help but at the moment it looks like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Earlier, Boris Johnson said that more than 300 people eligible for resettlement in Britain remained in Afghanistan. He also said that the UK government will do everything possible for the safe return of these people. Along with this, he has also appreciated the British soldiers for successfully completing the evacuation operation.

Apart from this, Johnson has also been criticized for inflation and short supply of essentials. Another MP said that there is a shortage of essential things in shops and super stores in many areas of the country including London. It also includes things like milk and water.

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