Socio-economic systems can collapse completely; Appeal to the world – do not stop funding despite Taliban concerns

The United Nations has warned that social systems and the economy in Afghanistan are in danger of being completely derailed. UN Ambassador to Afghanistan Deborah Lyons has appealed to the world to keep the flow of money in Afghanistan despite concerns about the Taliban, otherwise the situation of the already poor could become uncontrollable.

Do not tell the money to pay salaries to government institutions, after the occupation of the Taliban, about $ 10 billion in assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan have been frozen abroad. At the same time, the International Monetary Fund has also blocked an emergency fund of $440 million. In such a situation, the United Nations has said that Afghanistan is currently facing crises such as a fall in the value of currency, a huge increase in the prices of food items, petrol and diesel and lack of cash in private banks. Even the institutions do not have the money to pay the salaries of the staff. In these circumstances, a few months’ time should be given to run the economy.

UN Ambassador Lyons has said that the Taliban should be given a chance to prove that this time it really wants to run a government working with the protection of human rights and anti-terrorism thinking. Lions has also said that the funds given for Afghanistan are not misused, it will also have to be ensured.

Funding from abroad should also be closed, the
Afghan government used to get more than 75% of the funds from other countries including America to run the expenses, but after 20 years, the funding system collapsed after America’s decision to withdraw its army from Afghanistan. Has been. However, US President Joe Biden has said that financial aid can be given on humanitarian grounds, but any direct economic support or the decision to defreeze central bank assets will depend on the Taliban’s attitude.

The UN has already said – a food crisis may arise in
Afghanistan in a month may have to. It has also been said that more than half of the children of Afghanistan are craving for food at this time. At the same time, according to media reports, in the last few days, food and drink items in Afghanistan have become expensive by about 50%, while the price of petrol has increased by 75%.

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