Taliban wants to remove Haqqani network from US blacklist, says it is against Doha Agreement

After forming the government in America, the Taliban has now warned America about the Haqqani network. It has been said from the Taliban that the family of Haqqani is also part of the Islamic Emirate, it is no different. In such a situation, under the Doha Agreement, all members of the Islamic Emirate should be immediately removed from the blacklist of the United Nations and America. It has been in demand for a long time.

It has been said from the US that the track record of the people who have been added to the government is not to be believed. Responding to this, the Taliban said that such a statement is a violation of the Doha Agreement. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has said that the stand taken by the US regarding the blacklist is in violation of the Doha Agreement.

The US had also particularly criticized the inclusion of the dreaded Haqqani network’s dreaded operator Sirajuddin Haqqani in the cabinet. The US had called Taliban Prime Minister Akhund blacklisted and also said that Haqqani is on the FBI’s wanted list, but the Taliban has been furious at this statement of America.

The US President’s Office, the White House, has said that the US is not in a hurry to recognize the new interim government in Afghanistan and is in talks with the Taliban to evacuate its citizens from the troubled country.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at a daily news conference, “Nobody from this administration, neither the president nor the national security team, will believe that the Taliban is a respected and important member of the global community.” He has not made his reputation like this in any way and neither have we ever said so. This is the caretaker cabinet, which also includes four Taliban fighters who have been sent to jail.

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