The country’s foundation day parade took place at midnight, after a long time, dictator Kim Jong was also seen

The Foundation Day parade took place in North Korea on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday. Dictator Kim Jong also joined it. According to local media, this parade held every year is called ‘Paramilitary and Public Security’ parade.

Held in the capital
of the parade was held in the capital Pyongyang. Fighter jets were seen juggling in the presence of Kim. Kim was seen greeting people from a balcony. Soldiers march past. Dog squad also became a part of the parade. Heavy and dangerous weapons were seen in this parade till two years ago, but this did not happen last and this year. This was the third parade this year. It was telecast live on government TV channels.

Nuclear program continues
North’s nuclear program Korea upset nations of the world. The US and the United Nations have imposed strict sanctions on him. Prototypes of the ballistic missile were also seen during a parade in October last year. A similar parade was held in January as well. The special thing is that this parade was organized a few days before the swearing-in of Joe Biden. This meant that after Trump, Kim also wanted to show his power to Biden. The parade taken out on Thursday was the 73rd Parade of Foundation Day.

Kim is under pressure
Experts believe that North Korea’s dictator Kim has completely failed on the domestic fronts. The situation worsened due to Kovid. International sanctions are already in place. Through three or four military parades a year, Kim wants to mislead the people of the country so that the voices of rebellion are not raised.

If the world, and especially America, lifts the sanctions, then the situation can improve rapidly, but the talks between North Korea and America have been stalled for a long time. Biden has said that he is trying to find a solution through talks.