The Taliban were stunned to see the luxurious palace of Abdul Rashid Dostum in Kabul, here the garden smelling of exotic flowers and expensive furniture

Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan. All the leaders of the previous government have fled the country. One of them is Abdul Rashid Dostum. Dostum is the former Vice President of Afghanistan. Now that he has left the country, the Taliban have made his luxurious mansion their home. A video of Dostum ki Haveli has surfaced, which is seen lifting the curtain from his lavish life.

People are helpless, politicians are rich on the one hand, where the people of Afghanistan are suffering from starvation, people have no money, the country is standing on the verge of food crisis, in such a situation, these pictures of Dostum’s palace are seen to tease the poverty of Afghanistan. Expensive paintings, luxurious swimming pools, gardens smelling of exotic flowers, expensive furniture and chandeliers worth lakhs of rupees are enough to tell how corruption is prevailing here.

Taliban in Dostum’s Palace Currently , Taliban are occupied in Dostum’s palace, who are roaming around not only inspecting the entire palace, but looking closely at everything, they are seen saying that, for the first time they have seen it. Sometimes the Taliban play snooker, sometimes they try their hand at Dostum’s massager. During this, they are also seen discussing the luxury of the palace among themselves.