Important meeting of neighboring countries on the situation in Afghanistan, PAK said – situation will be normal soon

Neighboring countries held an important meeting on the situation in Afghanistan. The meeting was chaired by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Ahmed Qureshi. Apart from Pakistan, foreign ministers of 6 countries … Read More

The name of this event of the company will be ‘California Streaming’, 4 models of iPhone 13 series are expected to be launched

Apple has finally announced its September event. This event will take place on 14 September. Apple has named it ‘California Streaming’. This event of Apple will also be virtual. The iPhone 13 can be … Read More

Companies giving rest to people tired of remote work with ‘Self Care Week’, ‘Recharge Week’ and ‘Operation Chilex’ so that they do not leave their jobs

Amy Mitchell, who was associated with the advertising world, was working from her one bedroom flat in Toronto during the pandemic. Gradually the line separating his personal and professional life began … Read More