Factors Driving Global Automotive Paint & Coating Market to Reach USD 23700 Mn by 2028

Automotive Paint & Coating is paint or coating used on vehicle bodies and other components. Generally, it refers to automotive OEM coating and automotive refinish coating. US is the largest … Read More

Automotive Dashboard Camera Market is Projected to Clock a CAGR of 6.6% During 2022-2028

Automotive Dashboard Camera or simply dashcam, also known as car digital video recorder (car DVR), driving recorder, or event data recorder (EDR), is an onboard camera that continuously records the … Read More

Global Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersion Market to Touch USD 2683.4 Mn by 2028 as per the Latest Research

The key Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersion manufacturers are Bayer, DSM, UBE, Stahl, Lanxess, Lubrizol, BASF, Alberdingk Boley, Hauthaway, Mitsui, DIC, Reichhold, Wanhua Chemical, Ketian Chemical, SiwoChem, Grand Chemical, Guangdong Orient, Shandong … Read More

Antifreeze Proteins (AFP) Market to Garner USD XX Million by 2028 at 6.5% CAGR – Premium Report by The Market Reports

USA is the largest Antifreeze Proteins (AFP) market with about 80% market share. Japan is follower, accounting for about 17% market share. The key players are Unilever, Kaneka, Global Fresh … Read More

Global Aluminium Nitride Ceramic Market Forecast by Types and by Applications (2022-2028)

Aluminum nitride ceramics are highly thermal conductive, thermal radiative and have a good electrical insulation property. Utilizing this feature, they are used in components for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, substrate materials … Read More

2022 Global Activated Aluminum Chlorohydrate Market Dynamics: Trends, Drivers, Challenges and Restraints

Activated Aluminum Chlorohydrate is a group of specific aluminium salts having the general formula AlnCl(3n-m)(OH)m. It is used in cosmetics as an antiperspirant and as a coagulant in water purification. … Read More